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No Free Promo, Pay Payola Before We Play Your Songs - Miketwo Miketwo.

               No Free Promo, Pay Payola Before We Play                            Your Songs - Miketwo Miketwo.
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Miketwo who is an entertainment journalist and a presenter at the Multimedia Group of Companies, Adom FM, has urged musicians and music producers to pay payola to DJs before their songs could be played on the airwaves.

He continued, is not a sin to settle disc jockeys and radio presenters for promotion. The general term for monies collected to serve as promotional purpose is called payola.
Payola motivates the DJs and presenters of various event shows to airplay a particular song or music.

Miketwo concluded, there is no way he will promote any song this year if he not getting payola.

He wrote on his Facebook Wall :
''Errmmm my position on payola is very simple....
this yr if u want ur song to be promoted, pay as u paid for recording the song.... no free promotion...''

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