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Robbers attacked me not because of my music – Victor AD (weytin we gain, Singer)

Robbers attacked me not because of my music – Victor AD (weytin we gain, Singer)

The singer was recently attacked by robbers on his way to a show, the media classify his song that, it incites people to make money whether a good or an unacceptable way, probably the song made the robbers attacked him to make money from him(Victor AD) at all cost.

Victor AD boycotted that insinuation during a chat with Scoop.

Victor AD said it was his first time of being robbed. It was not a pleasant experience but I give God all the glory. It has nothing to do with my song. At the end of the day, everyone wants to make money.

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As long as we are on earth, our main focus is to make money, after serving God. Nobody wants to be broke. Before I sang the song, armed robbers were in existence.

He continued, it is like a motivation to hustlers who have been working for a long time but are yet to make it big. The song was also based on a personal experience; so it was more of like a conversation between God and I. If you listen closely, you will realize that I was just trying to motivate people.

He added, I never expected it to be so big soon. I thought it will only be big in the southern part of the country because it was actually the first music video I’ve shot. I didn’t even do a lot of promotional activities for it before the song went viral. This song is actually the sixth single.

Some of his earliest songs are "Jowo", "Body go tell you".

by Walker Peters

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