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Female DJs need the platform too- DJ Akel

Female DJs need the platform too- DJ Akel

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On Thursday 4th of October 2018,  was an evening radio programme "SHOWBIZ" on 3fm. The host Nana Kwadwo Addo and the guest DJ Akel.

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Female DJs are doing their very best to help build the music industry, DJ Akel stated. They go as far as branding themselves and style of play. Unlike the Virusky, black among others, they are not called upon to perform. They are not regarded and acknowledge when it comes to disc joking. Most Ghanaians prefer male DJs in the entertainment industry to the female. And this is their biggest challenge.

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As part of her closing remarks "I just hope that female DJs will be acknowledged and also given the platform....." she also urged female musicians to sign on with female DJs to play their songs.

I think is about time Ghanaians start appreciating our female DJs.

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by Walker Peters

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