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Jon Benjamin (former UK high commissioner to Ghana) mocks Bishop Daniel 'Angel' Obinim.

Former British high commissioner to Ghana mocks Bishop Daniel Angel obinim: over him (Obinim) knowing Adam and Eve personally.
Jon Benjamin (former British high commissioner to Ghana) is back again on the case of the controversial pastor, founder and general overseer of International God's Way Church, Bishop Daniel 'Angel' Obinim for his comments which says "he knows Adam and Eve personally".
The British high commissioner (former), on hearing Obinim's comments, took to his twitter handle to make mockery of the controversial pastor like he has done at every point, 'the man of God' has caused a lot of social media buzz with his pronouncement.
Jon Benjamin tweets the video of the 'man of God', ("forget Adam and Eve @ameyaw 112. I only want to meet Ayetafrem and Nimokafrem.#Obinim).

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